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Content marketing – the power of written words

Content marketing – the power of written words

If you have a business of any type, it is necessary to be present online because everyone is online. Share interesting content about your products, services, company, your values, organization in times of crisis, social responsibility.


There are numerous possibilities: Podcasts, presentations, youtube videos, Infographics, Photos, Newsletters…but I would like to distinguish blog posts, case studies as examples of the power of the written word. Some of you find difficult to start writing, I want to point out some of the “helpful tips” I’ve learned from my own experience, from various online courses (Coursera – The Strategy of Content Marketing), a book (“How to Write a Novel,” by Randy Ingermanson). from my colleagues in creative writing and blogging (I would like to point out Ivana OV Ćirković here and Darko Tadić Basically, it is imperative that you have your own platform, your company website, or your personal site that is your window into the world. For me wordpress is the easiest option for a website, but I leave it up to everyone to decide. Once you have leased your domain and hosting, built the site, start creating content or writing.


Think about your target audience first. Who is interested in your blog post and who will benefit from it. In this first step, you should visualize the people you are talking to and describe them as closely as possible, even give them specific names. Why is it important? If we say that our target group is women from 25 to 40 who are going for mesotherapy, for example, that doesn’t really mean anything. Think about it  – whether these women are employed or housewives, whether they live in urban areas, what habits they have, do we meet them, do we have them in our neighborhood. Well yes, Jovana and Isidora do it … besides they are both working, think about their habits and interests and then it’s easiest to visualize them. Once you have established this, you will be able to write more directly and concretly because you are addressing a specific person you know, know how that person thinks and how she feels.


How to get attention? Interesting content. One of the great techniques for interesting content is the Storyteling technique because people love stories, fairy tales… try telling a story. According to Jennifer Acker, a psychologist and professor at Stanford University, stories are 22 times more memorable than facts. However, for someone who is going  to click and open your content, it is necessary to have a good title, a photo that captures the content and an interesting introduction. Again, when you have all these elements, but the text is poorly structured, confusing, incomprehensible … then neither a good title, nor a photo, nor an introduction will help. Therefore, a good summary should be made. Summarizing your text in one to two simple sentences that answer the question, “What’s in the text?”. Basically, it is also your introduction but it is the headlines for social networks that make up the third step. Finally we come to the third step – which is: where to place the content?


It is necessary to develop channels of communication primarily on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and to give your text an opportunity to reach the audience. There is a possibility that you have been active on these networks for a long time, that people get to know you, trust you and read and share the content you post. This is an ideal situation. Then you just have to create a posting calendar (how often and what content you are going to post). However, if this is not the case – you have to conduct a serious research on FB an LinkedIn and to find specific groups that you need to get involved because members of those groups are your target audience. Also you should become a part (join a group) of an online digital marketing community for information and trends about content on the web.  Moreover, engage with the #channels your audience uses in their posts, and step-by-step create your community, and establish yourself as a credible source. Unless you do not have the patience and time for proposed steps, there are also and options that will promote your content for a specified monthly fee or specialized agency.


There is no dilemma that effective content that you post at certain intervals directly affects the image of your company and the sale of your products and services. Therefore, it is essential to create a strategic framework for effective content marketing that you post and this framework could be presented through 7A. Each of these A’s refers to what are the factors that influence the success of your content placement (in this context of the texts), namely:

  1. Agile – must be adaptable to the current situation. For example, during corona virus you will develop online delivery, but you will not invite people to visit your shop or restaurant, if you have a gym you will share online exercise links, or you will visually adjust your logo with a spacing like some companies (McDonalds). Do not to forget to communicate it in the future.
  2. Authentic – be your own, be authentic, do not copy the competition, express yourself with your own style and vocabulary and become recognized by that.
  3. Attention – Capture attention first on the quality of the content.
  4. Audience – “To whom our post will be useful?”, Ask yourself. Be close to the community you are talking to, develop a relationship with them, let these people know that they can get useful information from you.
  5. Authority – First of all, it is about having authority in the field, people are trusting you.
  6. Action – Invite Your Audience to Do Something – Leave their emails to start and become part of your base.
  7. Acceleration – occurs as a result of all these steps you have done. First, you built a website, and you shared content in a unique way, earned the attention of your audience, make them become loyal to you and trusts you. You have continuity in announcements and then there is an acceleration in both your business and brand building.

For any content marketing concerns and strategies you develop in terms of integrated marketing communications, email me at

Good luck!


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