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Corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, cause
marketing, social impact are all the buzz, but the most important is
that you are doing the right thing and believe that the world can be a
better place if you contribute. We do SOCIAL CHANGE for you or with



We are the first agency in the Balkan Region that specializes in Cause Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.

We are a team of experts with over 15-years of experience in the non-profit and business sectors.

As experts in the field of strategic counselling, PR and communication, digital marketing, visibility and awareness campaigns, fundraising and project development, we decided to provide premium services of creating Cause Marketing strategies and campaigns for the corporate sector and non-profit organisations.


In the modern world, it is not enough to create a perfect product and to reach profit goals; what makes a difference is the social recognition of your company.

We provide you with a strategy on how to become recognised as a responsible part of the community.

In order to effectively engage your consumers and employees in philanthropy, your company needs a credible and compelling strategy.

We do not just give advice. We provide tools and help you identify solutions to synchronise your philanthropic programs with your marketing initiatives. In this way, you achieve measurable impact that meets both your business and social goals.

We create strategies, programs and actions that increase social, economic, and environmental return on investment.

We provide innovation in campaigns that will contribute to the specific cause.

We transform and educate your employees, within your corporate policy and procedures, to make a difference in both social and marketing impact of your company and your reputation.



  • Social Impact Corporate Campaigns – Creation and Development
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Public Relations

  • Digital & Traditional Media Relations
  • Event and campaign  Planning & Supervision
  • Crisis Management
  • Content Marketing

Work For You

Mind-At-Ease – Just watch us. Rest and relax; we are here to do everything for your business benefit.

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  • Simple/Just Beginning package: We assess and analyse the current situation, identify a cause for your social responsible activity, find potential partners if needed, provide specific recommendations on how to enhance present partnerships, recommend budget allocations, and provide specific tools for program measurement and evaluation.


  • Medium package: Includes Simple package + Creation, development and implementation of the Cause Marketing Strategy: We develop the campaign brand, identify and reach the objectives/causes, generate key messages, develop and implement the online and media visibility plans, and the key events, identify and involve key stakeholders, produce professional print and video materials, and measure and evaluate goal achievement.


  • Premium package: Simple package + Medium + Long-term strategic coaching
Work With You

JointApproach (Co-consult) – Let's audit together, share experiences, learn and scale up business together to build a team of employees able to create and execute Cause Marketing Strategies and campaigns.

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Our consultants work with your team daily basis on specific aspect of Cause Marketing Strategy to empower your employees and:

  • Define strategic areas for an effective and successful collaboration
  • Scope and identify proper aims
  • Provide set-up support and ongoing facilitation services
  • Define concrete challenges and develop core programs
  • Use measurement tools to assess the performance and social impact of campaigns
  • Manage strategic review processes, develop and assess options for
  • Analyse internal management processes and quantify potential cost savings through change
  • Refine an organisation’s theory of change and strategically assess its portfolio of activities
  • Advise on simple and effective ways to manage data on inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes

Coaching Packages

1 on 1 Coaching

SelfCoaching – Eager to expand knowledge and leave your personal business mark? Let us show you how.

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  • Specific theoretical and practical expertise in mentoring programs
Group Coaching

UniteCoaching – Align your human resources and business operations so they work for the company's best.

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  • Training and education created for specific campaigns


Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries


8 Kumanovska Street, 11000 Belgrade



Phone: +381 (0)67 7377 444